Baby’s First Audiobook-Veronica Mars Edition

I posted the other day here about how I’d never listened to an audiobook before and I decided to experiment with the Veronica Mars novel The Thousand Dollar Tan Line. This won’t be a traditional review of the book, though I will say a little bit about it. Mostly, this is going to be an account of my first audiobook listen. All the same, if you want to read more about the Thousand Dollar Tan Line, click here!

In short, the audiobook format just did NOT work for me. I’m a one book at a time person, and I kept wanting to pick up another book while I was listening but then I kept thinking about how confusing that would be for me. I have a terrible memory, so reading two books at once has never been a possible thing in my case. This is me:




So if I take a day off from reading a book to read a different one, I’m basically like…


As a book monogamist, it’s a format that just doesn’t work for me. The Veronica Mars audiobook was just under 9 hours, and that took me an entire week to get through. I found my attention drifting constantly, which is probably why it took so long. I prefer the efficiency of reading a book myself.

The reason I started the audiobook in the first place was because it was narrated by Kristen Bell. This worked great for the parts that were actually Veronica speaking, but it just was not the same to have her imitating Keith and Logan. GIVE ME THE REAL LOGAN. What I really wanted was a live action version of this book, which is hardly its fault. Book, it’s me, not you.

Onto the actual book. Maybe it’s just me, but wouldn’t you naturally tell a Veronica Mars story from a first-person point of view? It’s perhaps not a true film noir style to do so, but through watching the show you become so accustomed to hearing Veronica’s thoughts. It was something I couldn’t get over as I listened. Because the narrator is not Veronica herself, Kristen Bell doesn’t voice it that way. While it makes sense, you’re still missing a piece of the show that you fell in love with. Another complaint I have is the lack of Logan. Without spoiling anything, he’s pretty absent for most of the novel. It’s also sad to be teased about him without actually getting to see him. I mean…

Veronica Mars


I’m not sure this new series of novels adds much to the experience for me. If anything, it makes me miss the show even more. I’m a HUGE Veronica Mars fan, ever since it first aired on TV. I remember that crushing feeling of cancellation like it was yesterday. It’s actually the only show I own every season of on DVD. That’s commitment for me. Even with the movie, I miss these characters so much. I would have loved to see them one more time.

What if the audiobook had actually been voiced by each of the appropriate actors, with a different voice actor as the narrator. Basically it would have felt like an episode of Veronica Mars with described video and no actual video component. I would have LOVED this. Has this been done before? It could have been great.

To make a long story short (too late), I enjoyed revisiting my favourite Veronica Mars characters, but it wasn’t the same for me. You guys might feel differently, but personally I won’t be continuing on with the next one.

Anyone else a Veronica Mars fan out there? Leave me a comment below.