What Does That Spell? Part 2

In my last post, Part 1, I let you guys know some titles I’ve loved in the past. This time I’ll be giving you a few books I’m really looking forward to reading. Some of these are titles I already own and haven’t gotten to yet and others I’m desperately hoping to buy in the near future. This all depends on the cooperation of my wallet/bank account of course. Without further ado, here is my name in books:


Side Effects May Vary-edited 2Side Effects May Vary by Julie Murphy

I’ve had this one sitting on my shelves since my birthday in May. It didn’t get AMAZING reviews, and it got a little lost in the post-TFiOS shuffle for me, but every time I read the synopsis I’m convinced all over again that it’s something I NEED to read. I’m a sucker for books with lists (Since You’ve Been Gone) and especially bucket lists in this case.


Also Known As-edited 2Also Known As by Robin Benway

I’ve made it pretty clear how much I love Robin Benway. She knows her away around a funny book. I can’t imagine anything better than that combined with a high-action heist plot. I own this one too, and I’ve mostly been waiting for her to release more books beyond the two that are out, but I’m not sure I can wait much longer!


Rites of Passage editedRites of Passage by Joy N. Hensley

Seriously, have you guys seen the reviews for this book? I need it NOW. It makes me think of Tamora Pierce’s Alanna in military school. Compare anything to a Tamora Pierce book and I am in. Every review I’ve seen has described it as unputdownable and desperately in need of a sequel. Book, get thyself on my shelf.


Ask Again Later edited3Ask Again Later by Liz Czukas

I’ve heard Liz Czukas’ books described multiple times as fluffy in the best possible way and I consider that such a compliment. It’s difficult to write a book that’s lighter in tone without crossing the line into superficial. Her latest book, Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless, was just released to rave reviews from the blogger community and I can’t wait to read that one either.


Holier Than Thou-edited 2Holier Than Thou by Laura Buzo

I already included Laura Buzo in my list of top ten authors I discovered in 2014 and with good reason. She’s able to write characters in such a relatable way. I already loved her debut novel, and this one actually speaks more to me, so I’m expecting big things. The MC is a bit older and she’s on the cusp of having everything she’s ever wanted when tragedy strikes for her. Sounds perfect. Well, for everyone but her.


Well that’s it for Part 2. Hopefully you guys have gotten to know me a bit better through these posts. I’m really looking forward to getting some full reviews up here soon, once the exam period is over.

Have you read any of these titles? What’s on your TBR that you’re hoping to get to soon? Feel free to play along with me and give me your list according to your name.


3 thoughts on “What Does That Spell? Part 2

  1. I, too, need to read a Liz Czukas book. Read-along? Also, I must get to Robin Benway…and Rites of Passage has to be read, too…why isn’t there more time in my day?

  2. Also Known As has just made it onto one of the top spots on my reading list. Definitely going to be reading some Robin Benway over the holidays!

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